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InteropX is a healthcare enterprise platform that seamlessly integrates with EHRs & other Health IT Systems to provide access to available healthcare data, such as patient, disease, treatment, billing records, etc. in a structured, and aggregated format. Powered by leading healthcare data standards, microservices, and   a highly scalable architecture, InteropX provides access to the extracted data to enable Payers, Government Agencies, and Hospital Network Alliances to radically improve their processes and quality of outcomes. For more information, visit


  • InteropX-DX:Seamless Data Extraction & Aggregation
    March 5, 2018...

  • Seamless Healthcare Data Extraction & Aggregation

    InteropX-DX leverages healthcare standards based APIs and proprietary APIs to extract patient data from one or more health IT systems including EHRs which can then be used for tracking, trending and analysis of patient population. The extracted data is made available via new or existing repositories so that the existing business processes could take advantage of the new data sets.


    The product comes with extractors based on HL7 FHIR, HL7 C-CDA, HL7 v2 formats and can easily be extended to incorporate new formats such as text files, CSVs, and database exports.

    InteropX-DX for Payers provides a scalable and easy to implement solution for accessing patient data from the ACO members in bulk and seamlessly integrating the collected data streams into the ACOs IT system and business processes for easy analysis, trending and reporting.

  • InteropX-DR: NextGen Healthcare Data Reporting
    March 5, 2018...

  • The Next Generation Healthcare Data Reporting

    InteropX-DR is a scalable, highly efficient, cost-effective, and easy to deploy solution enabling easy integration with the health IT systems (e.g. EHR, EMR, etc.) to spontaneously collect reportable public health incidents immediately after the patient encounter. InteropX-DR also supports seamless integration with existing public health data registries and surveillance systems requiring no changes for the target database. InteropX-DR can also be used to deploy a portal for the public or other stakeholders to submit reportable data to a State or Federal public health registry.


    InteropX-DR is a middleware solution that can be deployed as part of the public health agency’s infrastructure or as a separate stand-alone solution. Its SMART client provides easy integration with EHR/EMR systems. InteropX-DR supports several data analytics and visualization tools to analyze and show impact, scope, and trends for a given disease and assist public health agencies to formulate a more effective prevention and control plan and facilitate dissemination of information and appropriate guidelines to providers.

    InteropX-DR for Public Health Agencies provides seamless integration with an EHR system to collect complete and accurate data in real time for review, early detection and action. The seamless integration reduces burden on the provider to report and links health care to population health allowing public health agencies to respond efficiently and in timely manner.

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