Please review the below session types to submit your abstract under. You must select one in the submission form that, if selected, is the preferred method to present your abstract at the Forum. 

  • “Appy Hour" - The Appy Hour will be part of a tech salon of mobile app and software presentations during a Networking event at the Forum.  Presenters must be able to demonstrate for conference attendees how the App works.  Presenters may also choose to have a fact sheet, brochure or other print materials available to provide additional information about their product.  Only one presenter name allowed with abstract submission.
  • Facilitated Roundtable Expert Discussion - Several Roundtable discussions will take place where an expert will make a brief presentation regarding their area of expertise, followed by a rich 15 minute discussion with a small group of participants.  Only one presenter name allowed with abstract submission. Expert topics will be listed in the program of the conference.
  • Interactive Workshop - Interactive workshops will be 60 minutes and must be planned to engage participants in hands-on learning.  Shorter than the Lab sessions, the Interactive workshops will aim to highlight an important digital health topic combined with an activity to further participant understanding of the topic. Up to two presenter names allowed with abstract submission.
  • Lab Session - Lab Sessions will be 2-3 hour sessions that will provide participants with tutorials and hands-on experience it using digital health platforms.  Only submissions that focus on a broad digital health topic/need, such as GIS, and include use of more than one software tool or application, will be considered. An example of a Lab session would be training participants how to customize content and build a mobile training application to reach health workers.  There will be a limited number of lab sessions accepted for the Forum and limited seating for participants in Lab sessions. Up to four presenter names allowed with abstract submission.
  • Panel Presentation - Panel Presentations will feature 15-20 minute PowerPoint presentations accompanied by a Q&A discussion with session participants. You are submitting a presentation that the organizers will work to match to other presentations by thematic, geographic or technical area.  Only one presenter name allowed with abstract submission.
  • Poster Presentation - Poster presentations will be featured in their own session this year (not during lunch). All presenters will have an opportunity to present their work and interact with participants for Q&A. Only one presenter name allowed with abstract submission.
  • Pre-formed Panel - Pre-formed panels should include 3 to 4 presentations on the same topic, and should last  no longer than 60 minutes including time for Q&A.  Presenters will give a powerpoint presentation followed by guided Q&A.  All pre-formed panels must also identify a moderator for the session. Pre-formed groups with interactive content should apply as an interactive workshop. Up to four presenter names allowed with abstract submission.
  • TED-style talk - New this year, a TED-talk format will give presenters a chance to deliver an 8-10 minute presentation to the plenary, without slides or notes, in a storytelling format.  To be considered in this category, please submit a brief, 1-2 minute video, of yourself describing your topic as part of your abstract. Click here for examples of successful TED Talks. Only one presenter name allowed with abstract submission.