Keynote: Remote Care, Right Now: In Pursuit of a New Standard of Care, Jonathan Ballon, Intel

  • Session Number:R0441G
Thursday, October 26, 2017: 4:40 PM - 5:10 PM


Jonathan Ballon
Vice President, Internet of Things Group (IOTG)
Intel Corporation


For decades, the value of remote care has been much debated and the many barriers to its acceptance well represented. In light of slow but gradually increasing rates of adoption and mounting evidence of efficacy, the time has come for the healthcare industry as a whole to get aligned and commit to making remote care a standard of care for a relevant set of conditions, populations and healthcare challenges. Ballon will share insights and real examples of how Intel is working with the healthcare ecosystem to realize a host of exciting new approaches across a spectrum of use cases and stakeholders to both disrupt and codify the basis for the future of connected care.