Integrating and Succeeding with Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace of the Future

  • Room: Commonwealth Stage
  • Session Number:F0940G
Friday, October 27, 2017: 9:40 AM - 10:20 AM


Andre Esteva PhD
PhD Graduand in Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Stanford
Megan Beck
Chief Insights Officer
Open Matters
Severence MacLaughlin PhD
Global Head Data Sciences & Artificial Intelligence Healthcare & Life Sciences


The vast potential of artificial intelligence, robots and other technologies to take over jobs historically assigned to humans has been thrust into the realm of near-term possibility. As technology becomes more fully integrated into healthcare, the skills unique to humans will be in greater demand, forcing a shift in the workplace. What are those skills, and how must we adapt to remain useful? How and when will human judgment overrule a data-driven approach? Can healthcare delivery strike the ideal balance between data, automation and human intervention? How will emotional intelligence shape jobs of the future? Join this thoughtful discussion on how AI will supplant or augment human capabilities, and how it will contribute to improvements in healthcare.