Accelerating Precision Medicine

  • Room: Potomac Ballroom AB
Monday, December 12, 2016
9:55 AM - 10:40 AM


Bray Patrick-Lake
Director of Patient Engagement
Duke Clinical & Translational Science Institute
Greg Simon
Executive Director
White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force
Kevin Johnson
Senior Vice President of Health Information Technology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Michael McManus PhD
Senior Health and Life Sciences Solution Architect
Intel Corporation
Susan Dentzer
President and CEO
Network for Excellence in Healthcare Innovation


The fully realized vision of precision medicine includes capability to rapidly diagnose, sequence and develop a personalized treatment plan for cancers and other genetically-linked conditions, which can be advanced through the Precision Medicine Initiative—the most ambitious accumulation of human genomic information in history. Accelerating precision medicine to achieve this vision will require new capabilities and speed in personal health, clinical and genomic data storage transfer and analysis, as well as in interoperability and security. Further, precision medicine will demand new private sector, legislative and regulatory approaches for review and approval of genomic sequencing technologies and other software and devices needed to advance knowledge of disease factors that demonstrate variability among individuals. Join this panel of luminaries, representing perspectives from policy, clinical care, patient advocacy and technology, as they discuss the barriers to accelerating the vision for global attainment of, and access to, precision medicine.

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